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I dabbled in photography for many years before I got serious about it. When I turned 50 my siblings gave me my first digital camera. As a birder I tried to shoot birds and their activities, but I found the focusing of the point-and-shoot camera lacking. So I invested in my first DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera with more precise focusing capability, became serious, and started shooting often. When I joined the Greater Lynn Photographic Association (GLPA), I was inspired by the informative presentations by club members and invited guests. Those presentations, and networking with new friends at the Club, helped me develop my photography skills. I display my work at Lynnfield Art Guild shows.

Over the years my goals in photography have evolved; now I seek to capture a unique scenes or perspectives that stand out from the everyday look. This goal often means visiting the same venues repeatedly because nature, light, and weather always change to provide opportunities to capture the unique. I am an early riser and try to get out to photograph scenic and macro subjects in the soft, beautiful light of dawn.

Contact: pronevitzphotography@gmail.com

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